8th International Symposium on the Conservation of Monuments in the Mediterranean Basin: Monument Damage Hazards & Rehabilitation Technologies (ΕΜΠ, Παν. Πατρών, ΤΕΕ – Τμ. Δυτικής Ελλάδας, 31 Μαΐου – 2 Ιουνίου 2010, Πάτρα)


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Preface/ Maria Koui   pdf  κείμενο  (149 KB)


Opening and Invited Lectures


The conservation of monuments in Mediterranean Sea/ Fulvio Zezza  pdf  κείμενο  (937 KB)

Human and natural factors that contribute to the destruction of the monuments/ Demosthenes Giraud  pdf  κείμενο  (105 KB)

Three important coloured stones of Ancient Greece: history of use, distribution, quarries, archaeometry, deterioration/ Lorenzo Lazzarini  pdf  κείμενο  (1,4 MB)

Facade treatments of historical buildings, limiting the risks/ Rob R.P.J. van Hees  pdf  κείμενο  (653 KB)



Thematical Area I: Historical and structural aspects of monuments


Problems, aspects and methods for the anastylosis of the east retaining wall at the ancient theatre of Dodoni/ Georgios P. Antoniou  pdf  κείμενο  (1,1 MB)

Issues regarding the restoration of old reinforced concrete (RC) historical structures/ Charis Alk. Apostolopoulos, Sotiris Demis  pdf  κείμενο  (472 KB)

The church of the Madeleine in Cordoba (Spain) and its building materials/ Julia Barrios-Neira, Luis Montealegre, Manuel Nieto  pdf  κείμενο  (3,1 MB)

The ancient Citadel of Damascus (Syria) and the hidden water: from historical and environmental analysis to structural consolidation/ Matteo Carobbi, Eva Coisson, Carlo Blasi, Federica Ottoni  pdf  κείμενο  (2 MB)

The ancient theatre of Sikyon: preliminary studies on the structural materials and the decay patterns – proposals for prompt protection/ Eleni Cheilakou, Panagiotis Papandreopoulos, Panagiotis Theodorakeas, Nico P. Avdelidis, Dimitrios Sideris, Maria Koui  pdf  κείμενο  (8 MB)

Historical and structural asapects of the Papafeio Orphanage in Thessaloniki, Greece/ Alkisti Daniil, Olga Molida, Virginia Patrika, Aggelos Tasolampros, Konstantina Tsironi  pdf  κείμενο  (1 MB)

The restoration of the Klonaridis Villa/ Maria Daniil, Yiannis Spanos  pdf  κείμενο  (194 KB)

Historical and structural aspects of monuments in the prefecture of Trikala in Greece/ Angeliki P. Delicha, Nikolaos D. Kakavos  pdf  κείμενο  (332 KB)

The Mycenaean tomb “Treasury of Minyas”: conservation problems and evaluation of the deterioration phenomena/ Ekaterini Ftikou, Eleni Cheilakou, Panagiotis Theodorakeasas, Nico P. Avdelidis, Kostas Roumpopoulos, Vasilios Aravantinos, Maria Koui  pdf  κείμενο  (7,9 MB)

Static requirement and type’s complexity in the diagnostics phase/ Antonella Guida, Antonello Pagliuca  pdf  κείμενο  (477 KB)

The restoration of sixteen original blocks in the uppermost courses of the south wall of the central building of the Propylaia/ Konstantinos Karanassos  pdf  κείμενο  (1,4 MB)

Partly destroyed stone bridges with long term use/ Maria Karaveziroglou-Weber, Spyridon S. Kouris, Elpina Pistrika  pdf  κείμενο  (437 KB)

The “LOXO” (Oblique) building at Zakros/ Evangelia Kardara  pdf  κείμενο  (4,9 MB)

Modelling the in-plane behavior of unreinforced masonry walls/ Hasan Orhun Koksal, Bilge Doran, A. O. Kuruscu, Ferruh Altinsoy  pdf  κείμενο  (714 KB)

Structural systems of masonry bell-towers and their earthquake response/ Spyridon S. Kouris, Maria Karaveziroglou-Weber  pdf  κείμενο  (683 KB)

The Vermion Spinning Mill in Veria/ Anastasia I. Margie, Anna S. Matsakani  pdf  κείμενο  (364 KB)

Drums’ fracture – the example of the 6th column of Parthenon’s Pronaos/ Marilena Mentzini  pdf  κείμενο  (360 KB)

Architectural heritage investigations, protection and rehabilitation in the Spas of Serbia/ Gordana Mitrovic  pdf  κείμενο  (931 KB)

Valorisation and rehabilitation of historic structures on the Belgrade Fortress for purposes of modern ways of protection and revitalization/ Marina Neskovic  pdf  κείμενο  (431 KB)

Documentation and restoration of the Ottoman monuments in Florina/ Aineias Oikonomou, Panagiotis Georgopoulos, Achilleas Stoios, Aggeliki Strati  pdf  κείμενο  (1 MB)

Preliminary observations on the building materials and the deterioration problems of the monuments of Demeter and Asklepios Sanctuaries in the archaeological site of Dion/ Eleni Papanikolaou, Panagiotis Spathis, Vassilios Melfos, Basile Christaras, Semeli Pingiatoglou  pdf  κείμενο  (497 KB)

The consolidation and restoration project of Acheiropoietos Basilica in Thessaloniki/ Konstantinos T. Raptis, Anna Zombou-Asimi  pdf  κείμενο  (8,2 MB)

The Nicopolis Roman Odeum/ Sotiris Voyadjis, Giorgos Chatzistergiou  pdf  κείμενο  (2 MB)



Thematical Area II: Natural and anthropogenic hazards


Vulnerability analysis and risk map of cultural heritage. The case of the historical town of Merida, Spain/ Vanessa Antunez, Pilar Ortiz, Rocio Ortiz, Jose Maria Martin, Maria Auxiliadora Vazquez, Emilio Galan, Tomas Cordero, Pedro Mateos  pdf  κείμενο  (404 KB)

Influence of the environmental conditions on the degradation of Columbus Monument (Huelva, SW, Spain)/ M. Isabel Carretero, J. Manuel Bernabe, Manuel Pozo  pdf  κείμενο  (1,3 MB)

Rockfalls occurred in the archaeological site of Delphi, Greece/ Basile Christaras, Konstantinos Vouvalidis  pdf  κείμενο  (3,3 MB)

A fully coupled thermo-hydro mechanical analysis of the impact of temperature and humidity variation on the state of historical stone buildings/ Duc-Phi Do, Naima Belayachi, Dashnor Hoxha  pdf  κείμενο  (633 KB)

The environmental and anthropogenic hazards of monuments visualization procedure by IR thermography and numerical modeling/ Ermanno Grinzato, Fabio Peron, Mara Gava  pdf  κείμενο  (729 KB)

Risk assessment intended for cultural heritage sites and monuments in Cyprus using remote sensing and GIS/ Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis, Athos Agapiou, Apostolos Sarris  pdf  κείμενο  (1,1 MB)

Analysis of an Ancient Roman Bridge using the finite element technique/ Panagiotis A. Kakavas, N. Katherptas, A. Alexaki, C. Severin  pdf  κείμενο  (1,9 MB)

The performance-based approach in the fire protection of cultural heritage/ Iordanis Nazaris  pdf  κείμενο  (247 KB)

Detrimental tourist behavior and de-marketing of cultural heritage visits/ Zafer Oter, Ioannis Assiouras, Manolis Markopoulos  pdf  κείμενο  (206 KB)

Vegetation management and restoration of a Roman Villa Garden in the archaeological site of Eleusis/ Maria Papafotiou, Electra Kanellou, Garifalia Economou  pdf  κείμενο  (1 MB)

An overview of fire protection in historic buildings/ Kyriakos Papaioannou  pdf  κείμενο  (279 KB)

Natural and anthropogenic hazards of a Bell-Tower located in Central Greece/ Elpiniki K. Pistrika, Maria Karavezyroglou-Weber  pdf  κείμενο  (339 KB)

Seismic response of the columns of two ancient greek temples in Rhodes and Lindos/ Kyriazis Pitilakis, Eleni Tavouktsi  pdf  κείμενο  (806 KB)

Natural and anthropogenic damage hazards on Hamza Bey Camii (Thessaloniki) and preliminary rehabilitation interventions/ Konstantinos T. Raptis, Vassileios Xanthos  pdf  κείμενο  (13 MB)

Finite element prediction of seismic response modification of monumental structures utilizing base isolation/ Konstantinos Spanos, Nikolaos Anifantis, Panagiotis Kakavas  pdf  κείμενο  (359 KB)

Sites, features and environment of ancient structures: a methodological approach in conservation/ Fulvio Zezza  pdf  κείμενο  (484 KB)



Thematical area III: Analytical methods


Investigations on sandstone deterioration/ K. G. Akoglu, E. N. Caner-Saltik, J. Mertz, P. Colomban  pdf  κείμενο  (432 KB)

Integrated diagnostic approach for the knowledge of the Roman Fresco  in Herculaneum/ Maria Letizia Amadori, Sara Barcelli, Enrico Gurini, Fabiano Ferrucci  pdf  κείμενο  (249 KB)

Characterization of stone weathering: a case study for Chambord Castle, France/ Sarah Badosa, Kevin Beck, Xavier Brunetaud, Muzahim Al-Mukhtar  pdf  κείμενο  (286 KB)

Petrographic characterization of renders from the Lucchesian Villas/ Laura Bolondi, Timo G. Nijland, Rob P. J. van Hees  pdf  κείμενο  (456 KB)

Evaluating penetration depth in limestone of a new stone restoration product/ Juan F. Illescas, Maria J. Mosquera  pdf  κείμενο  (274 KB)

Consolidation of carbonate stones with nanoparticles/ Paula Lopez-Arce, Luz Stella Gomez-Villalba, Monica Alvarez de Buergo, Rafael Fort, Sagrario Martinez-Ramirez, Elena Bailo  pdf  κείμενο  (5,5 MB)

Plasma reduction of accelerated soil corrosion on ancient-like bronzes/ Jelica Novakovic, Olga Papadopoulou, Michalis Delagrammatikas, Panayota Vassiliou, Eleni Filippaki, Constantine Xaplanteris, Yannis Bassiakos  pdf  κείμενο  (1,2 MB)

Characterization of crust and deposits found in churches of Seville/ Pilar Ortiz, Roccio Ortiz, Jose Maria Martin, Maria Auxiliadora Vazquez , Tereza Ctvrtnickova, Maripaz Mateo, Gines Nicolas, Maria Auxiliadora Gomez  pdf  κείμενο  (321 KB)

Monument damage from environmental pollution of ancient marbles using spectroscopic technologies/ Theo Theophanides, Jane Anastossopoulou  pdf  κείμενο  (202 KB)

Analysis of the developing stresses in marble structural members at the anchorage areas of Dowels: application at the Parthenon marble blocks/ Eleni-Eva Toumbakari, Marios Filippoupolitis  pdf  κείμενο  (1,7 MB)

Provenance of building materials used in the construction of the monumental complex of Bizerte City “HIPPO ACRA”, (Tunisia)/ Karima Zoglami, David Gomez-Gras  pdf  κείμενο  (255 KB)



Thematical area IV: Methodologies of damage assessment


Integrated surveying methodologies for studying, preserving and monitoring the Byzantine Saint Nicholas monastic complex/ Raffaella Brumana, Daniela Oreni, Branka Cuca, Luigia Binda, Paola Condoleo  pdf  κείμενο  (416 KB)

An analysis systems regarding damages and transformations to old fortifications. The possible recovery of the citadel in Messina/ Fernanda Cantone, Gabriella Murgana  pdf  κείμενο  (410 KB)

The “MAAGDENTOREN” of Zichem (Belgium): damage assessment of ferruginous sandstone and strengthening effect of consolidation with ethyl silicate (TEOS)/ Hilde de Clercq, Roald Hayen, Michiel Dusar  pdf  κείμενο  (1 MB)

The “MAAGDENTOREN” of Zichem (Belgium): damage assessment of ferruginous sandstone by X-RAY tomography/ Hilde De Clercq, Roald Hayen, Veerle Cnudde, Matthieu Boone, Michiel Dusar  pdf  κείμενο  (437 ΚΒ)

Using geodetic and laser scanner measurements for measuring and monitoring the structural damage of a post byzantine church/ Demitris Delikaraoglou, Andreas Georgopoulos, Charalabos Ioannidis, Evangelia Lambrou, George Pantazis  pdf  κείμενο  (928 KB)

Assessment of the use of reinforced concrete in the preservation of historical buildings/ Mariana Esponda C.  pdf  κείμενο  (249 KB)

Thermal scanning of renovated historical buildings/ Stella Styliani Fanou, Timo Kauppinen, Chiara di Sarcina, Emanuela Martini, Angelo Tati  pdf  κείμενο  (2,1 MB)

Risk management of cultural heritage projects based on project management body of knowledge/ Mohammadreza Hajialikhani  pdf  κείμενο  (212 KB)

A computer vision framework for accurately extracting corroded areas and establishing the association between the type of corrosion and its extent and morphology/ P. Kapsalas, P. Maravelaki-­Kalaitzaki, M. Zervakis, E.T. Delegou, A. Moropoulou  pdf  κείμενο  (451 KB)

Vulnerability investigation of Kapnikarea Chapel (Athens) using microtremor. Preliminary results/ Ioannis Kassaras, Nicholas Voulgaris, Anna Maria Metheniti, Anthony Swain, Nikolaos Delinikolas  pdf  κείμενο  (913 KB)

The influence of interfaces on the mechanical behavior of restored epistyles/ Stavros K. Kourkoulis, Vasiliki Panagiotopoulou, Evangelia Ganniari-Papageorgiou  pdf  κείμενο  (477 KB)

The marble/water interface: dissolution and surface charge measurements/ Petros G. Koutsoukos, Dimitra G. Kanellopoulou, Nikos Spanos  pdf  κείμενο  (224 KB)

Diagnostic study at the Acropolis of Sarantapicho and the Acropolis of Erimokastro, Rhodes/ Kyriakos C. Labropoulos, Nikolaos Katsiotis, Evangelia Xinopoulou, Aikaterini T. Delegou, Asterios Bakolas, Antonia Moropoulou  pdf  κείμενο  (4,9 MB)

Ultrasonic pulse velocity – a tool for the condition assessment of outdoor marble sculptures/ Marisa Pamplona, Abdelraheem Ahmad, Stefan Simon, Edda Aßel, Andreia Theissen  pdf  κείμενο  (487 KB)

Damage assessment to the Macedonian “Tomb of Macridy Bey” at Derveni, Thessaloniki/ Alexios Papasotiriou, Fani Athanasiou, Venetia Malama, Maria Miza, Maria Sarantidou  pdf  κείμενο  (1,2 MB)

Assessment of the San Marco Church structural behavior in sequence of the April 2009 earthquake in Abruzzo (Italy)/ Bruno Silva, Jacopo Magi, Filippo Casarin, Claudio Modena, Maria R. Valluzzi, P. Condoleo, G. Cardani, L. Binda  pdf  κείμενο  (695 KB)

Active thermographic and approaches for the assessment of plastered mosaics/ Panagiotis Theodorakeas, Nico P. Avdelidis, Maria Koui, Clemente Ibarra­Castanedo,  Eleni Cheilakou, Abdelhakim Bendada, Katerina Ftikou, Xavier P. Maldague  pdf  κείμενο  (1 MB)

A method for classifying the risk level of the monumental masonry structures as a first step of vulnerability assessment/ Meltem Vatan, Görün Arun  pdf  κείμενο  (397 KB)

Salt crystallization tests in building stone materials/ Aikaterini I. Vavouraki, Petros G. Koutsoukos  pdf  κείμενο  (871 KB)



Thematical area V: Digital techniques for cultural heritage


Development of a database gathering the mapping of degradations and the stonework dating in a 3D realistic model for the completion of a health record of monument/ Xavier Brunetaud, Sarah Badosa, Kévin Beck, Muzahim Al-Mukhtar, Livio De Luca  pdf  κείμενο  (343 KB)

Contemporary laser scanner 3D for enhancement of cultural heritage/ Doriana De Tommasi, Antonella Guida  pdf  κείμενο  (596 KB)

Extending standards to incorporate metadata from non destructive testing techniques (NDT) – Application to the damage assessment and rehabilitation process/ Dimitrios Kouis, Victoria Tsoukala, Kanella Pouli, Eleni Cheilakou, Maria Koui  pdf  κείμενο  (251 KB)

Photogrammetry – Remote sensing on the study of monuments and historical centers. The effect of hazards. The case of Delphi historical center/ Maria Lazaridou, Evangelos Patmios  pdf  κείμενο  (2 MB)

3D digitization and virtual restoration of ceramic sherds/ Vasiliki Lysandrou, Mario Christoforou, Georgios Stylianou  pdf  κείμενο  (266 KB)

X-Ray microtomography – based study of sulphate-induced decay on a geological material used as monument stone/ Antonio Mauricio, Carlos Figueiredo, Manuel Pereira, Luis Aires-Barros, Fernando Barroso, Carlos Alves  pdf  κείμενο  (3,1 MB)

Geodetic technology for cultural heritage monitoring – the case study of Klepsydra at the Acropolis of Athens/ Vassilios Pagounis, Orthodoxia Arabatzi, Maria Tsakiri, Dimitra Tsini  pdf  κείμενο  (402 KB)

The use of terrestrial laser scanning in the renovation of historic buildings/ Eleftherios Tournas, Maria Tsakiri, Irini Efessiou  pdf  κείμενο  (531 KB)

Noise & vibrations monitoring program for the protection of Kapnikarea Church from Athens Metro operation/ Konstantinos Vogiatzis, Charalambos Mouzakis  pdf  κείμενο  (362 KB)

Weathering damage analysis and monitoring/ Fulvio Zezza  pdf  κείμενο  (499 KB)



Thematical area VI: Technologies for damage rehabilitation


UVC Irradiation as tool to eradicate algae in the caves/ Borderie Fabien, Alaoui-­Sehmer Laurence, Raouf Naoufa, Bousta Faisl, Orial Geneviève, Rieffel Dominique, Alaoui-­sosse Badr  pdf  κείμενο  (262 KB)

Preparation of pozzolanic lime mortars for repairing limestone of Nemrut Dag Monument/ B. Alp Güney, Emine N. Caner Saltık  pdf  κείμενο  (2,1 MB)

Reinstating the glory of terracotta: SRI Govindji Temple at Kangla Fort, Manipur, India/ Nilanjan Bhowal, Sanhita Bhowal  pdf  κείμενο  (532 KB)

Deterioration mechanisms of historic limestone and developments of its conservation treatments with nanodispersive Ca(OH)2 solutions/ Evin Caner, Emine N. Caner-Saltık, Genevieve Orial, Jean­Didier Mertz  pdf  κείμενο  (4,2 MB)

Preliminary research for the restoration concept of marble panels from the Stoclet Palace in Brussels/ Hilde De Clercq, Maja Jovanovic  pdf  κείμενο  (735 KB)

Automatic recognition and reconstruction of traditional wooden frame structures in view of their conservation and/or restoration/ Laurent Debailleux  pdf  κείμενο  (494 KB)

The use of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials on strengthening of historical landmarks/ Sotiris Demis, Charis Apostolopoulos  pdf  κείμενο  (1,2 MB)

Renders study: sodium chloride crystallization and application of an electric field DC for their removal/ Ana Fragata, Rosario Veiga, Ana Luisa Velosa, Lisbeth M. Ottosen  pdf  κείμενο  (278 KB)

A study of the deterioration and rehabilitation of adobe structures/ Rogiros Illampas, Ioannis Ioannou, Dimos C. Charmpis  pdf  κείμενο  (295 KB)

Conservation of carbonate stone by means of bacterial carbonatogenesis: evaluation of in situ treatments/ Fadwa Jroundi, Maria Teresa Gonzalez-­Munoz, Carlos Rodriguez-­Navarro, Beatriz Martín Peinado, Javier Martin Peinado  pdf  κείμενο  (331 KB)

Problems about the cortical reinforcement by ammonium oxalate of carbonic materials with different microstructures/ Paola Meloni, Luigi Massidda, Pier Luca Mameli, Gianfranco Carcangiu, Massimiliano Pau  pdf  κείμενο  (878 KB)

Highly hydrophobic surfactant – synthesized ormosils for consolidating stone/ Maria J. Mosquera, Juan F. Illescas  pdf  κείμενο  (802 KB)

Judging experimentally the mechanical compatibility of natural building stones using composite specimens/ Nikos L. Ninis, Ermioni D. Pasiou, Stavros K. Kourkoulis  pdf  κείμενο  (870 KB)

Experimental investigation on local aspects of the FRP strengthening of masonry arches/ Matteo Panizza, Enrico Garbin, Maria Rosa Valluzzi, Claudio Modena  pdf  κείμενο  (2,3 MB)

Stone conservation in the marine environment. The case of ignimbrites used in Campania (Italy)/ Luigi Papa, Abner Colella, Maurizio de ’Gennaro, María Auxiliadora Vázquez, Emilio Galán, Alessio Langella, Pilar Ortiz  pdf  κείμενο  (714 KB)

The role of nano – particles to salt decay of mortars/ Maria Stefanidou  pdf  κείμενο  (376 KB)

Study for the in situ preservation of the clay architectural elements from the excavation of Neolithic settlement of Dispilio, Greece/ Nikolaos-­Alexis Stefanis, Katerina Chatzi, Katerina Zioga, Panagiotis Theoulakis  pdf  κείμενο  (388 KB)

Mechanical properties & durability of cement – stabilized earth mortars for application in prehistoric monuments/ Eleni-­Eva Toumbakari, Maria Kaipanou, Aphroditi Ntziouni,Vassileia Kasselouri-­Rigopoulou  pdf  κείμενο  (1,3 MB)

The restoration of lithoglyptic bell tower of the church of Evaggelismos of Theotokos at Gdohia, Ierapetra, in Crete/ Michalis Troullinos, Amalia Troullinou  pdf  κείμενο  (1,7 MB)

Desalination of historic masonry. Pre-investigation, treatment and follow-up care/ Rob P.J. van Hees, Barbara Lubelli  pdf  κείμενο  (306 KB)

Calcined clays and limestone as hydraulic binders/ Anastasia Verganelaki, Noni-­Pagona Maravelaki, Meral Budak  pdf  κείμενο  (361 KB)

Assessment of desalination mortars and poultices for historic masonry: The EU project “DESALINATION”/ Fulvio Zezza  pdf  κείμενο  (365 KB)

Use of non destructive technique methodology to evaluate the extraction of salt poultice on porous material/ Fulvio Zezza, Eloisa Di Sipio  pdf  κείμενο  (508 KB)



Thematical Area VII: Planning and cultural heritage management


Managing the past: restoring a 19th century block of buildings into a museum. The case of the “countryard of miracles” in Athens, Greece/ Nikolaos Charkiolakis, Maria Leni  pdf  κείμενο  (302 KB)

The conservation plan for the restoration of the Piraeus Municipal Theatre/ Nikolaos Charkiolakis, Maria Leni, Manos Mikelakis  pdf  κείμενο  (3,2 MB)

Re-use strategies for cultural heritage management: the case of Casa li Melilli di Sopra/ Stefania De Medici, Carla Senia  pdf  κείμενο  (1,2 MB)

Strategic planning of materials and conservation interventions for the damage rehabilitation of the Sarantapicho Acropolis and the Erimokastro Acropolis in Rhodes/ E.T. Delegou, E. Tsilimantou, E. Oikonomopoulou, A. Kiousi, J. Sayas, A. Moropoulou  pdf  κείμενο  (489 KB)

Geo-visualization tools in cultural heritage management/ Elias Grammatikogiannis, Efstratios Stylianidis, Maria Giaoutzi  pdf  κείμενο  (324 KB)

Alternative management scheme for cultural heritage projects based on project management body of knowledge/ Mohammadreza Hajialikhani  pdf  κείμενο  (233 KB)

The politics for urban planning and monument management in the city of Rhodes during the Italian occupation 1912-1947: the case of the Hospital of Knights and the surrounding area/ Konstantinos Karanassos  pdf  κείμενο  (420 KB)

Town planning for cultural heritage. Turning the historical past into an advantage. The case of  Didimoteicho in Thrace/ Panagiotis Kontolaimos  pdf  κείμενο  (1,6 MB)

The Olympia Protocol. Action dealing with the effects of natural disasters on cultural heritage monuments/ Elena Korka  pdf  κείμενο  (1,4 MB)

Studying the objectives of the regional frame of land-planning and sustainable growth of Cental Macedonia Region for the cultural heritage/ Mpolos P., Xifilidou A., Yfantis I., Xatziargyriou Th., Xrysostomou V.  pdf  κείμενο  (255 KB)

Conservation and rehabilitation of listed buildings in Limassol, Cyprus/ Μaria Philokyprou  pdf  κείμενο  (260 KB)

Protection and revival of ruined and abandoned villages in Cyprus/ Μaria Philokyprou, Evi Fiouri  pdf  κείμενο  (667 KB)

Archaeological and non-archaeological excavations of modern cities: a contribution to where to develop and where to conserve/ Helene Simoni  pdf  κείμενο  (1,5 MB)

Conservation procedures for the reburial of mosaic pavements: a review of materials and techniques/ Panagiotis Theodorakeas, Maria Koui  pdf  κείμενο  (916 KB)